Fertilizing Program

Make your lawn greener and healthier with MTH Lawn Service.

We will provide an on-site turf analysis to approach caring and maintaining your commercial or residential property.

MTH Lawn Service Turf Care 6 Step Program ensures a healthy green manicured appearance and protects your soil against heat/drought tolerance.

Our licensed & experienced turf team will recommend helpful solutions & provide the following treatments.

Organic & custom fertilizing programs are available

Disease & fungicide control

Insecticide treatment of fleas, ticks, mosquitos & grubs

Our 6 Step Program:

  1. Early Spring
    Slow release fertilization & pre-emergent crabgrass prevention
  2. Spring
    Slow release fertilization with HCU & broadleaf weed treatment *
  3. Early Summer
    Slow release fertilization with grub prevention & broadleaf weed treatment
  4. Summer
    Fertilization & spot treatment for broadleaf weed treatment *
  5. Early Fall
    Slow release fertilization with HCU & broadleaf weed treatment *
  6. Winterize
    Slow release food storage & root development feeding

* Spring, Early Summer, and Fall treatments are only available with our 6 Step Program or as an additional purchase

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