Fertilization and Turf Care

MTH Lawn Service Specializes in Turf Care with our many years of experience caring for your lawn.

We offer a variety of turf applications all prompting a green and weed-free lawn. Adequate treatments are built for results. With each treatment, our team will provide helpful recommendations and suggestions to assure your lawn is the best. We put the care into lawn care! 

-Crabgrass prevention and season-long control, Broadleaf Weed Control is a standard in all our programs. High-quality HCU fertilizers give you a healthy green lawn and encourage root development to tolerate heat, drought, and disease. 



Special Programs: In our 5 & 6-step programs we will include grub prevention.


Miscellaneous Turf Care Services:

  • Insecticide Treatments: Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitos, and more!
  • Soil Revitalizer Applications 
  • Over-Seeding/Power-Seeding 
  • Lawn Renovations & Repairs 
  • Core Aeration 


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