Dumpster Rentals


20 yard container starting at $350.00 and 10 yard container starting at $225.00. Weight and transfer fees may apply. Call for details

Pricing is determined by a combination of the size of the unit, materials (heavier materials can increase costs), and the distance to the nearest landfill or transfer station. Geography can also impact pricing due to city-specific fees and landfill costs.

Our units are priced to provide 7 days of service; extra days may be added with notice.

We cannot accept the following materials:

Anything hazardous or flammable, batteries, tires, drums of liquid, chemicals, electronics or asbestos 

We will accept the following materials: 

Bricks, drywall, plaster, carpet, tile, appliances, furniture, dirt, sand, tree trimmings and grass clippings 

Permits are required if parking the unit on a street, sidewalk or public property area. Units parked in private driveways or privately owned spaces typically do not require a permit.

Placement works best on a flat area with at least 3’ of clearance around each side of the dumpster, at least 22’ of unobstructed clearance height, and 34’ of unobstructed room in front of the dumpster is required. If a paved driveway is being used, consider protecting the drive or placing wood supports to reduce the risk of damage.

The area must be accessible and free of objects/automobiles. Confirm that low-hanging tree limbs/overhead wires are not in the way.


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